deVault 4.5

Keep your archives secure in a digital safe


  • Includes auto-encryption for those in a hurry
  • Securely protects documents


  • Encryption methods unclear
  • Not suitable for highly sensitive data


DeVault protects files and folders in any format or compression ratio. The program does not need to move files and works with your own list of files ordered by category. At the same time, you can perform several operations with the protected files such as synchronize daily scheduling by the hour, record backups, share directories and export details of the database to an XML file.

The program also features built-in compression and backup options that make it ideal for both personal or business use. For busy professionals, encryption and automatic task scheduling is also available. Using this application, you can share multiple files and multiple revisions of the same files with others in a single digital vault. However, it's not clear what encryption methods are being used and so the security may not be 100% reliable.

Ultimately, deVault acts as a safety deposit box in which to store documents that are highly sensitive - it's a good solution for anyone dealing with secret data.

Some files are too precious to leave to chance. deVault enables full categorization, revision control, easy search and retrieval options and fully automated vault synchronization.

deVault allows you to organize, classify, store, maintain and share all your files (regardless of file type) in a single digital vault.



deVault 4.5

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